Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Artist & Object : The artist bit..

German performance artist, instillation artist, printmaker and sculpture, Josef Beuys, worked mainly throughout the 1960s performing his "actions" and producing his "multiples" for public exhibition. 
His thoughts and feelings were what i found  most interesting about his work. Beuys was  very interested in bring art into everyday life. 
For Beuys, the beauty of an objects materialism could be appreciated only when the object is isolated from its setting and looked at objectively as he believed that every object could in some way would spark the individual to realise the objects, thus their own creative potential.   

Another opinion that id like to draw on is Beuys' belief that Western society is "sick"  and that in order to free society liberation of each individuals creative power must occur, and the way to do that, Beuys thought, was through art.              

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